Monday, 13 June 2011

WIP - colouring

Hay everyone =)

I thought I should up date my bloggy blog.

So right now I'm working on a few things I thought I'd show you one of them =)

As you may or may not know I recently got a DA account woot woot!
and my first week on there was awesome. So many lovely people. =)

Sooo.... I'm part of a colouring group, and there is a competition running this month and I'm entering.

I have to colour line art, so many swirls and curls in it!

I can never jump straight into a piece, so I did some colour roughs, its based on the Milky Way (not the yummy chocolate bar) Good old Google helped me pick some colours. =)

But that wasn't really working for me =(

So I wanted to work on my shadows, as its space it will be quite dark so a strong light source will help make this image POP =)

I did something very new for me and did it on Photoshop! 
Here's the image =)

I know its not blended super awesomely I thought you might like to know how I do my roughs =)

Next is to watercolour it on my paper, taking into account of my gray-scale image. That's why it doesn't needed to be super finished. 
Wish me luck =D


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