Friday, 3 June 2011

Finished Mermaid

Yay I finished it.

It turned out better then I hoped. =)

This started off as just going to be a pen and watercolour wash, but I went crazy with colours, like normal.

Its mainly watercolour, and I'm quite proud of how it came out, I have never really used watercolours this intensely before. I used biro for the hair, a hint of faber castells, some pastels and white out pen.

I wanted her to blend in with the background, like she is almost appearing from the deep.

Like always the actual thing looks a lot better then this. Enjoy =)

Full view For the details


  1. Wow she's rather spooky. I love the way you did the hair, and the skin texture/detail is really neat. (One tiny note: the yellow text is very hard to read!) :)

  2. This is the second Mermaid I really love. Love the darkness and the hypnotic come-hitherness of it.

  3. Very dark and beautiful. I can just image she's going to eat me if I take her hand, but I might do so anyway. Great work on the hair.