Monday, 19 December 2011


Just a mini Post before I head home for Christmas.

Some quick animal doodles in paint, I did to kill some time in the studio. 

They're not amazing but I had the urge to paint animals, I think I blame Miss Savage for that =p 

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Boom! It's Dino Time!

Yeah I haven't posted on here for sooooo long. Shame on me!

Here are some drawings of my own little made up dino, Raspberry Dinosaur!!

He has a raspberry looking head to help im blend into the raspberry plants. He isnt a very clever dinosaur =( He lives on a diet of raspberries of course! 

This is him in real life, If I ever turned him into a children's book character, he'd obvs be cuter =)

Here are his skelly bones =)

 This is his muscle mass

 His Skin and markings
And boom he is all coloured!

Monday, 13 June 2011

WIP - colouring

Hay everyone =)

I thought I should up date my bloggy blog.

So right now I'm working on a few things I thought I'd show you one of them =)

As you may or may not know I recently got a DA account woot woot!
and my first week on there was awesome. So many lovely people. =)

Sooo.... I'm part of a colouring group, and there is a competition running this month and I'm entering.

I have to colour line art, so many swirls and curls in it!

I can never jump straight into a piece, so I did some colour roughs, its based on the Milky Way (not the yummy chocolate bar) Good old Google helped me pick some colours. =)

But that wasn't really working for me =(

So I wanted to work on my shadows, as its space it will be quite dark so a strong light source will help make this image POP =)

I did something very new for me and did it on Photoshop! 
Here's the image =)

I know its not blended super awesomely I thought you might like to know how I do my roughs =)

Next is to watercolour it on my paper, taking into account of my gray-scale image. That's why it doesn't needed to be super finished. 
Wish me luck =D


Friday, 10 June 2011

Finished Posterrr!

Yay finally done =)

it is sooo green, i dunno if thats a good or bad thing.

here it is, all done in watercolour. 
As all ways                                click the image to full view

My hand killed after this, hope you like =)

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Hay everyone =D
How are you all today?
I know I'm cutting it a bit close with this weeks EC collective picture.
I totally bitten off more then I can chew this this poster challenge. Ooops!

Its like A3 size and I did all the line art last light, my hand killed!!
I never ever do line art, it sucks =( 

I even used a dip pen!

So a hell lot of firsts!

so here it is, all ready to be coloured.
P.s my lines are so wobbly =(

Oh and it will be less confusing when its all coloured, I hope =D

Monday, 6 June 2011


Happy Monday!

Its lovely and sunny in Plymouth today, and I've just finished my rough for my poster for Beauty and the Beast. Its gotta be on par with lion king for my fave disney films.
For this weeks challenge on the EC Collective.

I'm going for a stained glass kinda feel, like in the beginning of the movie. =)

I have know idea on hope to get the stain glass effect, eeep! I hope it  works out okays.

Toodles xxx   

Friday, 3 June 2011

Finished Mermaid

Yay I finished it.

It turned out better then I hoped. =)

This started off as just going to be a pen and watercolour wash, but I went crazy with colours, like normal.

Its mainly watercolour, and I'm quite proud of how it came out, I have never really used watercolours this intensely before. I used biro for the hair, a hint of faber castells, some pastels and white out pen.

I wanted her to blend in with the background, like she is almost appearing from the deep.

Like always the actual thing looks a lot better then this. Enjoy =)

Full view For the details

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Im working on a new picture for this weeks Equine Cranium Collective. =)
It took me a while to come up with an idea for this image.
So I did a mermaid!

here are some working images 

  This is a super rough colour test, just to get the idea of what colours go where. The skin isn't quite perfect yet, I wanted it a bit more purplely.

 Because my colour tester was just testing the colour (duh!) I thought it best to do a shaded piece, as the image in my head was quite a night timey picture. So I needed to sort out how dark I needed my watercolours to be. I'm quite shocked how well this came out for a super rough 5 min image.

So hopefully the final image will look somthing like the two mashed together. Fingers Crossed ! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Valentine's Day Card

This was for an uni project we got to choose what we wanted to draw. 
So obviously Pin-up Greeting Cards!
As it was only a short project I only did a couple.
This is the valentine's day card, its my favourite  =)

Draw in: Derwent Pastel pencils and Faber Castell colour pencils.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Last Cover =)

This one was for the book  "James and the Giant Peach" I was going to enter it into the penguin competition but I forgot about it and missed the deadline my a few days! Drat.

I went crazy on this piece all cut out from watercolour paper, that I did myself.
I lost count how many times I sliced my finger open cutting out the different parts of the image.

The line art is done with a screen print, printed on to some acetate and over laid on top of it. 

With out text, and two different colours =)


This is another book cover design, for 'Idoru'.

I wanted this to be a kind of optical illusion, so you can't see the girl until you look at it for a few mins. 
So here are the four prints. 
Backgrounds are done in a mixture of chalk and conte, with the girl screen printed on top.

Click to view full size

I really wanted the line art to be printed in that awesome shiny gold foil. But in Uni we don't have the right equipment to produce that. =( So I just have to make do with dodgy gold paint.

And here is the line art, as the scans are not the best in the world. Sorry for the dirty background!


One of my Three covers.

This one is for "Egyptian Myths" 

All done in Faber Castell colour pencils. 
Im pleased how this turned out, I will be making them into little A5 cards to sell at my end of year show.