Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Valentine's Day Card

This was for an uni project we got to choose what we wanted to draw. 
So obviously Pin-up Greeting Cards!
As it was only a short project I only did a couple.
This is the valentine's day card, its my favourite  =)

Draw in: Derwent Pastel pencils and Faber Castell colour pencils.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Last Cover =)

This one was for the book  "James and the Giant Peach" I was going to enter it into the penguin competition but I forgot about it and missed the deadline my a few days! Drat.

I went crazy on this piece all cut out from watercolour paper, that I did myself.
I lost count how many times I sliced my finger open cutting out the different parts of the image.

The line art is done with a screen print, printed on to some acetate and over laid on top of it. 

With out text, and two different colours =)


This is another book cover design, for 'Idoru'.

I wanted this to be a kind of optical illusion, so you can't see the girl until you look at it for a few mins. 
So here are the four prints. 
Backgrounds are done in a mixture of chalk and conte, with the girl screen printed on top.

Click to view full size

I really wanted the line art to be printed in that awesome shiny gold foil. But in Uni we don't have the right equipment to produce that. =( So I just have to make do with dodgy gold paint.

And here is the line art, as the scans are not the best in the world. Sorry for the dirty background!


One of my Three covers.

This one is for "Egyptian Myths" 

All done in Faber Castell colour pencils. 
Im pleased how this turned out, I will be making them into little A5 cards to sell at my end of year show.