Saturday, 28 April 2012

Screen Printing Testers

Hay everyone,

This week I've been testing my line art for the Hairy Tales image I posted a few weeks ago.
Make sure you click to see all the details, its funny how each time I drew the old lady she turned out different =) 

Here are the left are testers of different pens I could use for the light fixing process in screen printing. 
On the right is how it screen printed on blotting paper, and some little colour tests on my favourite ones.

Left: Shows different pens of normal tracing paper             

Right: shows the screen printed lines on blotting paper with colour added with watercolour

Below is some more tests but this time drawn on mark  resist  paper, it was beautiful to draw on my it costs a lot. Like before it was screen printed on to blotting paper with come colour added with watercolour.


  1. Those images on the mark resist paper are amazing. Great work Ellen.

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